Di Brown is the Roaming Giraffe, named mainly for my great stature of 155cm, fully grown.

Travel writing, map making & tourism are my thing. A cartographer by trade and co owner of Jabedi Mapping.

Very active on Twitter and other social media platforms, getting hooked on Instagram, I am told I am “an influencer”

All I know is I love to write, and rave about South Africa, Africa and travel. I am a huge advocate of the #ShotLeft campaign

A hopeless case at the techie bits, I am a firm believer in making use of a resident teenager or young adult offspring for the those details.


I believe that a map is the perfect tool for destination marketing, and I am managing to merge mapping and freelance travel writing into one chaotic dream job. Sort of….

For maps, take a look at  www.jabedimapping.com


Happy researcher | people lover  |  avid reader | love life | laugh lots | usually smiling mom of 2 grown up sons | gran to 1 baby, a cat called Chicken that I never wanted & a gerbil with fire damaged feet.

I am a little mad and love anything that  is “off the wall” so I am sure some madness will filter through, that’s just me.

This blog is another adventure, I am not sure where it will go, and that is half the fun

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mad and yes, off the wall, thats my friend…. time has never changed you…. but i’m in awe of your positive attitude to life in general…. proud to be your friend. Life holds many opportunities for us to realise our dreams and you never fail to amaze me at how your take your chances in life and always seem to come out on top. xx

    • Thanks Karin, we have had lots of mad times since high school. Not so many in recent years, but is lovely to know you are out there, and not just on Face Book, supporting me. Much appreciated, xx Di

  2. I love how you delegate your techy stuff to your kids – genius. Mine aren’t quite old enough. Must train them up. Love your writing style and slightly obsessed with maps, so I’ll be checking back soon. Cheers.

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