Time warp

Do you remember  photo albums?

We always bought them, but either never got around to putting more than one batch of photos into it, or after a few years the sticky transparency over each page lost its stickiness and all the photos fell out.

These photos were then put into shoe boxes, inside books or drawers and usually disappeared over time or got eaten by fish moths. Occasionally a few photos reappear reminding you of long forgotten good times.

These pics appeared while I was hunting for a packet of curtain hooks !

Although I sometimes feel old enough to have had a pet dinosaur, this is me at Sudwala Caves 33 years ago. An epic 9000km trip around South Africa on a motorbike.


This photo was taken when cameras and phones were never mentioned in the same sentence,and it cost a fortune to have all your pics developed when you came home… and you waited about 7 days for 18 great pics and 18 duds.

Those were the days of petrol restrictions, you had to plan ahead as petrol stations closed at 6pm and did not open on Sundays.

This was the dream bike we did the trip on, ultra modern in its day, a Honda 1000cc CBX 6 cylinder. All that means is it was heavy, fast and chewed petrol. So far nothing has beaten the feeling of riding that bike down the Long Tom Pass, or shivering in the mist up the Swartberg Pass and emerging into the sunshine at the top.


Moving on a few years where children dictated the bike stayed in the garage and a second hand VW Kombi camper and tent was acquired. Fantastic inside with a double bed, cupboards, fridge and gas cooker, the engine was not so great and blew up on the second trip from Cape Town to Knysna. This resulted in a weekend in Swellendam as ATM’S did not exist, we had to wait until Monday when the banks opened to draw money for a reconditioned engine.  ZAR 2200, in those days that was the equivalent of about 2 or 3 months combined salaries.


So the curtain hooks were not found, but I spent a few happy hours remembering good times and thinking about how things have changed.

Life was most certainly lived at a slower pace then, perhaps more planning was required, but the excitement of the start of a road trip is the same, time for another one soon I think.

Cape Town smiles

Cape Town loves to show off, and when she does no one really wants to work.

Can you blame them?



Awesome views from the tourism office in Muizenberg



The beach boxes at Muizenberg, what happens inside them?




Oh to be a kid again……




Best friends forever




The only people working, my smiling car guards



The South Peninsula tourism office, great staff inside to help you with everything



Muizenberg, learning to surf



Who would not want to come here, even in winter


Making Ripples

I have just watched an Eddie Izzard clip that inspired me. He usually just makes me laugh and feeds my madness. This is the joy of the digital world, you never know where you will end up.

I would love to make some ripples, starting with the smallest communities and going all the way up to South Africa Tourism.


FACT: The tourism environment is changing, with more people wanting authentic experiences, an opportunity to live like a local and to journey beyond the high gloss “Top 10 must see” holiday.

FACT: Word of mouth marketing is powerful and FREE.

FACT: The people of every city, town and village are potential clients for some form of tourism.

FACT: Too many people have not experienced much of what is offered on their doorstep.

FACT: Too many people are unaware of what is offered on their doorstep.


QUESTION 1:  Are we largely ignoring the local inhabitant in tourism marketing?

QUESTION 2 : Are costs prohibitive, should we have special prices for locals?

QUESTION 3: Is it viable to have one week, or day a year, off peak, where entry to attractions is free to locals?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I believe they are worth asking  as just thinking about them is progress.



20.12.08 (25)

Based on the ideas of “Join in UK” I would love to see a  such a campaign take off in South Africa in the tourism sector.

At a national level  a platform would be required to drive and market the campaign and to share information.

At the local level communities would need to talk, interact, market to their immediate area, organise open days and community events to raise awareness , and start getting creative and collaborating with local tourism offices.

At this local level the success would rely on the goodwill of the communities to engage, to volunteer and to support the various initiatives.

The benefits are never ending ripples.

Raising awareness, instilling pride, sparking creative thinking, teamwork, collaboration and turning locals into tourists, changing mindsets…

Take a look at this ” Join in UK” initiative   https://www.joininuk.org/  and see how you think it could be tweaked to  a little to fit the South African tourism model.

I would love your thoughts so we can expand on this idea.


Tourism is the job of every South African



Staying on top in the competitive global tourism market is tough. This is a job for the big boys, Govt. Ministers, Hotel Chain Owners, Events Companies and YOU. 

Yes, you, the little guy who runs a one man show related to tourism, the guy who sweeps the streets and the corporate accountant who has nothing to do with tourism.

You do not even have to know anything about tourism to aid this growth.

Just be proudly SOUTH AFRICAN. Do whatever you can to enhance both the reality and the perception of what South Africa is.

It is really so easy.


10 small steps to make South Africa GREAT.

1. Be friendly | smile at people, acknowledge others, be helpful 

2. Don’t litter | lets start cleaning up this country, mess does not make a good impression

3. Say NO to corruption | clean up your own act, speak out, do not be part of it

4. Share your pride | focus on what you like about S.A and share it

5. Do your bit | do your job to the best of your ability every day

6. Think ! | think before you moan, rather apply your mind to a possible solution

7. Be fair | no one likes being ripped off, offer value and gain loyal supporters

8. Help | offer a step up rather than a hand out, you could change a life

9. Change | is not as scary as you think, embrace it

10. Be a Giver| rather than a taker and you will gain unexpected rewards.

We can all do a little to make South Africa a place we would love to come to for business and pleasure.