New. African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary in Gansbaai.

Lost forever.

Ninety birds a week.

Every week.

Since 1956.

Seabirds need our assistance.


The World Class facility that was opened in Gansbaai on 26th February 2015 is love in action.

APSSZA is the result of a community working together, inspired by a man with a vision. A man who prefers animals to people.

A man who quotes Kahlil Gibran when telling us about the people who helped him to make this dream a reality.

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. And there are those who have little, and they give it all”

Wilfred Chivell gives his all to everything that he does. He inspires, cajoles and motivates others to to do the same.


The African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary will make a difference.

Pierre de Villiers of Cape Nature Conservation says ” the key to decision making is good science.”

APSSA will be practicing good science. Animals do not need to be managed, they know what to do. People must be changed and we need to improve in how we do things. Education plays a vital role in changing people. APSSA will be providing this education.



The staff at APSSA are so passionate about penguins that they choreographed a dance for the opening, and performed it with big smiles to laughing applause.


Sponsors include Volkswagen South Africa, Grootbos Foundation, The Dyer Island Trust, Creation Wines, The Wildlands Conservation Trust , Youngman Roofing, Two Oceans Aquarium, Grindrod.

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