Twitter Tips for newbies

Twitter is all about getting to know new people and creating a community of friends with similar interests.

In the last few months I have noticed that a lot of my recent followers are new to Twitter.

Many are “eggs” with no profile picture or bio and they have not put out one Tweet. Many had no followers but were following between 50 -80 people.

I then cast my mind back to a few years ago when I was brand new to Twitter and how confusing and overwhelming it could be, and the fear I had of putting out a Tweet.  I remember following numerous accounts and being on Twitter involved just reading, and sometimes bravely liking a Tweet.

As my confidence grew I started tentatively retweeting and after many months plucked up the courage to Tweet to some of the people I followed.Here are a few things I have learned along the way, hopefully they will be helpful in growing your Twitter community.

TWITTER TIPS to get you started.

Twitter is all about engagement, and getting to know people, so make it easy for people to know you.

How do you do this?

  1. Add a picture to your Twitter profile. If you are shy and do not want to add a picture of yourself, then add a picture of something you love, think is beautiful or represents an interest of yours.
  2. Add a bio. Tell potential followers something about yourself. Where you live, what you do and what your interests are. If you are not sure what to write, look at the biographies of the accounts you follow to get the idea.
  3. Be brave and Tweet. Even if it is a Tweet to me  @DiBrown5 to say                              “look, I added a profile pic and a bio,” this is exactly how we start a conversation.
  4. Spend a little time with Twitter finding and following accounts that represent your interests. If they are big accounts like a national newspaper, don’t be concerned if they do not follow back or engage. You can still follow them and share what they Tweet with your Twitter followers.
  5.  If you can, when you Tweet, add a photo or a link to something that interests you, you will get more engagement that way. That is what Twitter is all about, getting to know new people and creating a community of friends with similar interests.
  6. Make sure your Twitter timeline is not all about you. As a general rule, for every Tweet about yourself, share at least 3 Tweets from other accounts you follow.
  7. When you read a Tweet you like, share it by using the “quote” option and add a comment of your own before Tweeting it.
  8. Twitter is generally a polite and friendly place so be nice, thank people when they share your Tweets, but please don’t do it via an automated app as this is just annoying.

By the way, my Twitter is my happy place so I tend to not engage much with negative folks and moaners.

Happy Tweeting.



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